We come from humble beginnings… our company was founded by Lori Greschner wife to former NHL Captain for the New York Rangers, Ron Greschner. Five years ago Lori opened a small consignment shop filled with high-end merchandise and set out to join her husband in his philanthropic endeavors by donating part of the money she made from her store to their foundation; The Ron Greschner Foundation supporting Autism Research and Child Abuse. Autism research is especially important to them because their nephew is autistic. The Ron Greschner Foundation has raised and continues to raise thousands in support of these children.

Over the years, her company evolved into what it is today, a full service Off Shore Handbag Production Company that manufactures handbags for the retail stores. The company’s success has prompted a deep desire for Lori to help other entrepreneurs in the industry start their own handbag company. VOILA Productions, Inc. specializes in the production from inception all the way branding and marketing.

“Helping and inspiring others is important to me, I love to see talented people with ambition succeed. We offer complementary consultations throughout the design phase so our clients stay informed and educated. Having an open line of communication is extremely important for the new start-up, it gives them control over their project and that gives them the confidence they need to make decisions wisely.”


  1. Dear Voila,

    i just wish to say you are a genuine person. The reason i’m saying this because there are very few people like this in the world. I have two cousins that are autistic and that is what makes me more interested in your blog.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Myris,

      We appreciate your acknowledgment of our foundation and thank-you for your comment. Autism on any spectrum is extremely hard on a family and we wish the best to you and all the families effected with the daily challenges of this genetic disorder. Children come first and it’s with great pleasure that we here at VOILA do all we can to contribute, what we can, when we can, to help those children and families effected with Autism.

      Thank-you again…

      The Staff of VOILA

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